Our Products

Matcha Temple is passionate about providing fitness enthusiasts and people living active, healthy lifestyles with an organic Matcha tea powder that's nutritious, tastes great, and embodies all the positive benefits relied upon for centuries.

A smart choic for athletes and those who care about health and wellness, Matcha green tea is shown to help lower blood pressure, fortify cardiovascular health, and even provide protection against certain cancers. More importantly, it contains the right amount of vitamins, and phytonutrients you need maximize your physical and mental potential.

At Matcha Temple, we've embraced this traditional product by turning it into a more enjoyable, contemporary from with our Masters and Ceremonial Matcha blends. Packed with powerful nutrients and antioxidants that help rejuvenate your mind and body, our powder is perfect for those looking to take their health and fitness to new heights.